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My name is Denwil Batangog.  I am a certified tour guide and professional driver (one of the very few who are both).  I have many years of professional driving experience in the mountains and your safety is always my priority.  I am from Banaue, my wife is from Batad, and I specialize in guiding in the surrounding area. 

As a driver and certified tour guide I may be able to pick your party up directly from the airport in Manila and drive you straight to wherever you want to go.  Saving you time and hassle.

Our area is a safe one with many wonderful things to see and people happy to see YOU!  So whether you are here to go spelunking in Sagada, hiking on a multi-day hike/trek though the mountains, or just come visit for a day tour to take in all of our natural beauty and hospitality email me with your itinerary.   I check it frequently and will get back to you promptly with a quote for a tour package with conveniences of services you will not find anywhere else and prices better than if you found all of my services through a competitor separately.

Denwil Bantangog: 


Phone: +639283320721               or          +639273051710

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